Our Humble Beginnings

It began in 1911 when some from the neighborhood joined together and began to study God's Word in a community building created by the then new Raleigh Springs Electric Railroad. Soon they began to meet in a boarding house at 614 National. The facility was used for several different purposes during the week and Sunday was used for church groups.

Highland Heights Baptist Church was officially organized as a church on September 16, 1913 with 25 charter members. In 1914 land was donated to the church on the northwest corner of National and Faxon for the church's first building.


Over The Years

Over the years God has blessed Highland Heights Baptist. The church has been fortunate to acquire land and add facilities to provide a place of recreation, spiritual growth, and worship. Most importantly, God blessed Highland Heights with converts and spiritual growth--literally thousands of converts and baptisms have occurred through the ministry of the church. Many at Highland Heights have answered God's call to full time ministry. A significant ministry to Cambodians was begun by the church in the 1980s and is still active today.  Highland Heights Baptist is truly a mission outpost.

In 1995,when many churches were moving eastward, Highland Heights made a commitment to stay at their current location. To quote, "that the church remain at the present location indefinitely with a renewed commitment to so minister and witness for Christ within our community that individuals and families will be discipled and added to the fellowship of the church."

That commitment was to be greatly tested. Over the years the church remained committed to minister to the spiritual needs of the community despite many years of decreasing attendance and increasing financial challenges. Highland Heights Baptist was to the point of having to cease operations when the 'miracle' occurred. God indeed had future plans for Highland Heights Baptist Church. The Collegiate School of Memphis, a new independent private school acquired the facilities in 2007. Praise the Lord! The school allows the church to use the main sanctuary building for an incredible rent! Praise the Lord!


Our Hopeful Future

In the last few months we have been dreaming of what God will do with us in the days ahead. Much is unknown at this time--but this we know, whatever God does with us in the future will require faith. We think that faith is stepping up to what God has for us as a church. We also think that faith is in part stepping out of the way so that God can surprise us as well as our joining Him in His work. Honestly, this often requires that we take risks! But the fact is that ministries often thrive when you take risks! 

We believe that Highland Heights best days are yet to be!

Our Invitation

Why don't you come and join us?